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3 Axle 45000 Liters Fuel Tanker Trailers For Sale


What Should I Look For When Buying A Fuel Tanker Trailer ?

3 Axle 45000 Liters Fuel Tanker Trailers , large tank trucks for transporting oil, have been widely used in recent years. Many friends want to own a tank truck trailers of their own. I believe that friends may have referred to many information on the purchase of tank truck trailers in advance. Today TITAN will introduce you to the tips we must understand before buying a fuel tanker trailer!

1 Purpose of oil tanker:

The Fuel Tanker Trailers is mainly composed of the second-class automobile chassis , fuel tanker, pipeline system and electrical avoidance device . Its purpose is to transport light fuel . The normal operating environment temperature is (-40~+50) ℃.

 3 Axle 45000 Liters Fuel Tanker Trailers For Sale

2 There are four main functions of Fuel Tanker Trailers:

① Use the oil tanker trailers' oil pump to suck out the oil from other containers and inject it into the fuel trailers' tank.

② Using the tanker trailer's oil pump to quickly pump out the oil in the trailer's tank and fill it into other trailers or containers.

③ Rely on the oil's own weight to flow, unload the oil from the tanker body of the trailer to other containers.

④ As an active pump station, pump oil in one container to another container.


3 The working principle of the 3 axle Oil Tanker Trailer:

1 Filling the Fuel Tanker Trailer body: There are two ways to fill the tank body, one is to directly fill the tanker body from the small tanker cover on the top of the tanker body; the other way is to use the power of the trailer's oil pump to suck the oil from other containers,  Into the tank of the fuel tanker trailer.

2 Unloading the oil from the oil tanker: There are also two ways, one is to use the fuel tranker trailer's oil pump as power to pump the oil from the tank to other containers; the other is to use the gravity of the oil to flow into the tank by gravity. Put the oil in the other volume.

3 This Fuel Tank truck trailer can also be used as a mobile pumping station, using the tranker trailer's oil pump as power to pump oil from one container to another, and the oil does not enter the tank.


The above basic knowledge is what we need to understand before buying a 3 axle Oil Tanker Trailer. As a professional Fuel Tanker Trailers supplier, how does TITAN do it?

3 Axle 45000 Liters Fuel Tanker Trailers For Sale

All Fuel Tanker Trailers in TITAN VEHICLE is specially designed for suiting African land condition, with more than 10 years test and update, we can confirm each of our customer can get the best quality trailers, and will satisfied about the trailer after long time use.

TITAN tanker trailer adopt advanced design concept. We can customized the tankers for you according to your request.  And we TITAN offer carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum material tanker trailers. To fabric the most durable tankers, especially for Africa Market, considering the road condition. This  distortion resistance, earthquake resistance and bump, make your transport safety, also beneficial.


TITAN main beam adopts Submerged arc welding process ,adopt double welding head to ensure the middle plate in the middle . Tires are not easy to wear. Compare with others, has poor manual welding process, adopt single welding head to make the middle plate deflect. The tire is easy to wear.

3 Axle 45000 Liters Fuel Tanker Trailers For Sale

TITAN uses thickness 8mm suspension, better in torsion resistance, enjoy better stability. And the diameter of the Center pin is 60mm, make the suspension much tough. Compare others: thickness is only 4mm, Poor torsion resistance; Diameter of the Center pin is only 50mm, much soft.

3 Axle 45000 Liters Fuel Tanker Trailers For Sale

For the brake axle pads, we used a 16 ton brake axle pads ;TITAN's vehicle axle has 9 years of experience in production quality, better bearing capacity and good braking effect. Other factories use 13 ton brake pads system axle.

3 Axle 45000 Liters Fuel Tanker Trailers For Sale

TITAN 3 Axle 45000 Liters Fuel Tanker Trailers brake pipe is a high-pressure rubber pipe, the service life of more than 10 years. Wires are made of cables. Service life over 5 years. Other home is used on the ordinary pair of windpipes and wires, service life of about 1 year. if for steel tanker, Titan fuel tank trailer use Q345 low-carbon alloy steel to make the tank truck with a thickness of 5 mm and a very strong tank body.

The tank is shaped by one-time: with the latest advanced tank rolling machine, that can guarantee tank stable quality, but also eliminate the stress concentration, avoid the deformation, leakage and cracking of tank body. The tank body are constantly jumping and shaking when vehicle is on the bumpy road, that will lead to the tank occur deformation, leakage and open welding.

TITAN Fuel tanker trailer adopts fewer welds and the Weld seams not at a line, which can ensure the fuel tank body not open even drive in the bad condition.

3 Axle 45000 Liters Fuel Tanker Trailers For Sale

Advanced paint system & polyurethane paint: good-looking, no need paint for 10 years, save a lot of maintenance costs for you. TITAN prepares the most inspection equipment and keeps the inspection as precise as possible, All the fuel tanker trailers have passed the strict quality test before they come to our customer.

3 Axle 45000 Liters Fuel Tanker Trailers For Sale

Strict quality control enable we produce the perfect fuel tanker trailer to meet your needs and make benefits for you.

All these technology and steel material and thickness is deisgned speically suitable for Africa. You will be satisfied about our trailer after long time use.