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6 axle 62m extendable trailer will be sent to Vietnam


Bán xe rơ mooc kéo dài 6 trục 62m tại Việt Nam6 axle 62m extendable trailer for sale in Vietnam

This is the third time a customer has purchased a 6 axle 62m extendable trailer from TITAN. Of course, the customer also introduced his friend to buy a TITAN petrol truck. The trust of customers is always the driving force for our production activities. Customers say, "I bought

TITAN extendable windblade trailer is not only because of the good quality, but the service of sales manager Jacky is also very good. When I first started using it, I was a novice, and Jacky gave me the method through video and audio. And they also have detailed usage videos and manuals. “As the customer's business expanded, it was necessary to upgrade and purchase a new stretchable semi-trailer. Our professional engineers combined customer needs and Jacky's suggestions to design a new 62m extendable windblade trailer.

Bán xe rơ mooc kéo dài 6 trục 62m tại Việt Nam6 axle 62m extendable trailer for sale in Vietnam

For sale spoiler trailer from China. TITAN is a manufacturer and supplier of specialized transport equipment, offering a comprehensive solution for difficult types of transport jobs.

Wind energy is ECO and renewable energy, no fossil fuel consumption, no carbon emission and air pollution. Windmill construction is booming around the world. TITAN offers all types of custom blades and trailers for use in the wind energy industry.

The 6 axle 62m extendable trailer  in the photo above is similar to a Goldhofer extendable windblade trailer. Custom design trailers are also welcome in our factory.

The steering system includes a steering function for the rear wheels to help the 62m extendable windblade trailer with the wind blades pass through the curve due to the 62m trailer's length. There are three steering configurations: hydraulic steering, turntable steering, and shaft steering.

Bán xe rơ mooc kéo dài 6 trục 62m tại Việt Nam6 axle 62m extendable trailer for sale in Vietnam

The stretchable beam feature is designed to allow stretching to cater for different transportation needs. Due to the overall length of the 62m windmill blade trailer required in this section, strong and rigid materials with a yield strength of at least 460 MPa are used.

This ensures that the beam does not sag during operation. In this section, the 6 axis extendable windblade trailer can be adjusted to the desired length to take on the job at hand.

The tail platform forms the rear part of the 62m windmill blade trailer. It can be a folding or pulling platform configuration. Thus, users can choose a telescopic trailer based on these tail platform configurations.

Bán xe rơ mooc kéo dài 6 trục 62m tại Việt Nam6 axle 62m extendable trailer for sale in Vietnam

How to transport windmill blades

The transportation of the 62m 6-axis wind turbine blade equipment belongs to the category of super-long and non-degradable large objects. It is technically difficult to secure PPE without damage and injury. To prevent rear-end collisions from behind is a safety problem when transporting;

Besides the wind vane, the wind tower part and other windmill parts, the wind vane is long and light, also fragile and soft. The purpose of our trailer is how to safely and efficiently transport those blades.

If you want to transport the spoiler to mountainous areas or over narrow roads with a U-turn, you may need a spoiler adapter to solve the problem.

The purpose of the rear extension beam is to increase the total length of the blade trailer. This is the most cost-effective modification method to increase the length.