Windmill Blade Transport

Wind Blade Transportation Project

Big Windmill Blade Transportation


TITAN designs and produce Windmill Blade Trailer to transport 30 meter to 80 meters Rotor blade, the Rotor Blade Adapter is specially for steep hills or narrow winding mountainous roads, and the rotor blade adapter can avoid obstacles such as the trees, building or limited space. After Mounting on platform trailers, rotor blades can be picked up and positioned at an angle of up to 60°, pivoted as well as rotated around their own axis. With the TITAN Windmill Rotor Blade Adapter, the rotor blades can be securely picked up and maneuvered around any obstacle,that is the easily, safely and efficiency way to transport the rotor blades for customers.

According to different road conditions and load requirements, TITAN Windmill Rotor Blade Adapter can be mounted and transported on both on a pulled platform trailer combination as well as module trailer, and self propelled modules.